Nope……can’t do it, won’t do it. Counseling is for the weak, the dysfunctional, the emotionally challenged, the desperate…………………..…if I go to see a counselor it’s like I am admitting there is something wrong with me. I watch television………I know how it works. Nah………….I’m good.”

This is what most people tell themselves when they are faced with situations and challenges that are an unavoidable part of life. Whether it is a relational situation, a behavioral issue, an emotional struggle, a heavy heart or a tragedy most people are scared to admit they need help or that they actually have a problem. It is a state of denial. However, there is no hiding the fact each of us have weaknesses and flaws that need to be dealt with.

Through God’s word it is evident we are ALL sinners and have a sinful nature (Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God).

I was at a point in my life where I needed to take responsibility for myself…………for my own behavior. In order to resolve any issues I had, whether it was anger, resentment, bitterness or all of the above, nothing would change in me until I accepted the fact that I needed help. When I finally came to terms with this realization my “truth” poured out providing a self-awareness and only then did my healing begin.

I am the type of person who tends to keep personal issues to myself. I would lock them up inside and eventually they would manifest into over flowing frustration. The frustration is usually channeled into something or someone that has nothing at all to do with the actual problem. How to deal with this condition can be very challenging and let’s face it, who wants to tell a perfect stranger you can’t deal with life’s annoying conditions. The very thought of the “counseling process” can make a person very uncomfortable.

After meeting you, Kim, my perspective of what counseling is all about changed (It’s not at all like it’s portrayed in the movies).

My “counseling” fears were resolved and I felt very comfortable sharing with you. You have a Godly perspective and you actually, truly care about the people you counsel. Your Christian principles and professionalism are only outweighed by your commitment to actually making a difference in someone’s life.

Your counseling provided insight and a deeper understanding to help me manage my frustrations (regardless if it was my fault or someone elses). I now have boundaries that empower me to make better decisions relative to my behavior. Consequently I have a much better perspective on how to deal with life situations.

Counseling for me has been a positive experience……………..a life changing experience. I encourage people to look within themselves and find the inner strength to reach outside their comfort zone and consider it.

Thank you Kim for helping me find insight, confidence, understanding and ultimately peace with myself. You are truly a blessing to me!

God Bless,


I went to Kim for a short time last year, It was a time in my life that I was trying to change behavior within my family. I have a child that has a drug problem and a husband that does not parent this issue in the same way that I believe is necessary to make the changes necessary when a child is using. I set the counseling appointments and I struggled to get my guys to the appointment.

My son only went a couple of times to the sessions (he was 17 at the time). My husband came to a session if it was convenient (work had a way of being more important) but I went with or without them, because both of these issues were tearing me up on the inside, and I was determined to FIX IT.

It was a comfort to be able to go to Kim and listen to her perspective on my family’s life. What I took away from our sessions with Kim was not at all what I had originally gone to Kim for. I did not fix the guys in my life, as I do not hold that power. Kim, you reminded me about my relationship with God and you reminded me of the faith that we all must have especially when things are not going in a way that we know is good.

And so today my husband and child have not chosen to make too many changes in their lives, but I have. I am proud of the fact that I have let go and let God…thank you Kim because in a strange way that I never expected I have found a different peace than I was looking for.


PARENTING! There’s no manual. But, there is Kim Snyder. Dedication, dependable and committed to offer her expertise with solutions for any age group of child rearing. Always has a listening ear.


Growing up in a home affected by divorce is always a challenge and the challenge is even bigger for the parent who becomes the primary care taker. Luckily, my mom has always been on steady ground. Her connection to her faith and her tender and loving heart transformed a situation that could have had tragic consequences emotionally on a child into a beautiful journey into womanhood for me.

My mom is the one person that I trust the most in this world. She has always known what was best for me and being my parent when I was a child allowed us to become best friends as I became a woman. Her spirit and courage to always pursue her dreams has made it possible for her children to settle for nothing less than their dreams and has enabled us to become more open to the endless possibilities life has to offer.

Because of her guidance in my childhood, I am a stronger and more capable woman and I am able to face challenges in my life with the same dignity and grace that she taught me. She has always been a strong and steady example of love, faith, and perseverance. I could not be more grateful to have her as my mother, my teacher, and my friend.


My mother, Kim Snyder, has been the most influential person in my life. Her parenting style was one founded on logic and reasoning, not emotion or impulse. She taught me that life is based on choices, and not to let emotion hinder me from being able to react to a situation logically.

She has been incredibly supportive of any and everything I chose to pursue, encouraging me in any efforts I made to advance, and I was never met with negativity when I chose to give up an endeavor. She would tell me I would find something else to excel at. She made it known to me that success takes hard work, patience, and faith in the Almighty.

She helped me with any trial I have endured with loving wisdom, having faith in me, teaching me to believe in myself, telling me to keep my head up and keep my eyes focused on the Kingdom. If there was anyone who can teach other parents how to get their children to love and respect them, others, and God, it is my mom! She is dedicated, and will never give up on a person or family in need.

As long as you don’t give up on yourself, she’ll stick by your side and help you with any area you may be struggling with in life. Give her a try!


Raising four children is no easy task. Raise four children in a blended family adds another set of dynamics. When I became a parent, I was clueless to what challenges were ahead. I had no idea what I was doing nor did I have a plan. I found myself always second guessing the decisions I made as a parent. Many times I found myself trying to undo what I did wrong.

Fourteen years later, our youngest daughter is turning eighteen and my parenting style is completely different, I have a plan and I see things I never saw before. I have heard it said there’s no such thing as a parenting manual but I disagree. God’s Holy and written word is the manual for effectively raising children and all other aspects of our lives. Kim has a special gift of understanding His word and showing others how to apply His teaching in their lives.

Kim uses the phrase “behavior has a reason” not as a slogan but rather a tool. She has shown me how to use those words to very effectively alter my parenting style. She has shown me children are reactionary and there’s no bad children, but rather ineffective parenting. She has taught me to look beyond an issue and identify the cause. Kim has shown me to be pro-active rather than reactionary, projecting thoughts and ideas into the future to see how they would look and how they would affect my children.

I am much closer to my children as a result of the parenting style I have learned from Kim. You may say that I’m biased because I’m her husband, but I share these words in an effort to help others. Kim has enabled me to be closer to my children than I could ever imagine. Thank you Kim, you are a blessing not only to me and our family but all the families you serve.


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