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All of us get upset or even angry. The emotion itself isn’t the problem, it’s what we do with ourselves when we’re upset that can negatively affect our lives. It can lead to relationship problems, work related disciplinary actions, or even legal trouble. When we work together, we first discover the type of anger you have and how it’s displayed, and then we work together with a plan to not just manage your anger, but to reduce or eliminate it.


Anxiety is a normal and natural response, and designed to put our bodies on heightened alert. However, sometimes anxious feelings tend to hang around or feel like they come on out of nowhere. If they are severe enough, they can feel debilitating, both emotionally and physically.

Unhealthy anxiety can be surrounded by paralyzing fear accompanied by relentless “what if” thoughts of events or the future.  When we work together, we first discover the onset and duration of your anxiety, including triggers. Then we work together with a plan to learn how to address the responses to anxiety to help you feel more empowered and in control.


There are truly so many things we grieve over. Some things are small, and we tend to just stuff those down. However, when a big event happens, like death of a loved one, all those things we’ve stuffed down over the years also come bubbling up along with that big event.

Grief looks and feels different for everyone. It’s not something you just “get over.” Grief is to be experienced; it’s a loss that alters your life. The loss isn’t just for the person, but for all the dreams and plans you had with that person that are lost as well. When we work together, we first discover whether you are stuck in one area of grief, or if it’s fluid.

Grief displays in a variety of ways, and we will process where you are. Then we work together with a plan to learn how to recognize and move through the stages of grief as you give yourself time to heal and learn new ways to live productively through your grief.


When relationships are great, it can seem like nothing can stop you from anything you put your mind to. But when relationships are struggling, it can feel like every other aspect of your life struggles too. Whether the relationship is with your mate, or a parent, or child, there must be effective communication between the parties to fully understand what’s happening. That can be very difficult to do, and even harder the longer people wait to get help. When we work together, I help to facilitate a way to communicate so everyone involved has a voice to be heard. We truly get to the “reason for the behavior” that’s creating the emotional separation. Then we work together with a plan to restore and heal the relationship.


Many people use self-worth and self-esteem interchangeably, as if they are the same thing, yet they are very different. One is how you present yourself to the world, and the other is how you present yourself to yourself. Self-worth (good or bad) drives what we think about ourselves. It’s at our core of who we think we are. When we work together, I help to discover where you learned the beliefs about yourself and then process the “falsehood” of those negative beliefs. We are all magnificently made, yet somewhere along the way, you began to believe a lie. These usually come from childhood. Other times they come from relationships that have had a negative impact on you in some way. Then we work together to find the truth of how you really are and we work to empower you with confidence and strength.

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