BE EPIC Workshops

BE EPIC Workshops

Parenting and Personal Growth Workshops

EPIC Parenting Workshops are dedicated to helping parents be the best they can be, or as I like to say, “BE EPIC.” I help teach parenting techniques and personal strategies to empower the parent as a person, and the person as a parent. When parents begin to argue and fight with their children, they actually “give away” their parenting power. BE EPIC Parenting workshops help you to RESTORE that power and your position as “The Parent and Leader of your family.”

BE EPIC Parenting Workshops are hosted by me (Kim), and are usually on FaceBook LIVE or ZOOM. Everyone totally enjoys workshops when they are engaging, so the more questions the better! When you’re asking questions, the workshop comes alive for everyone! You might have the exact question another parent needed the answer to (and didn’t even know until you asked it)!!

The advantage of learning through a workshop is the interaction of those around you, the ability to ask specific questions, and get immediate feedback. Workshops are designed to help parents and individuals learn new uses for the tools they already have, and learn new strategies to help improve behavior. Parents will leave the workshop with tools they can use immediately! Workshops provide a night out to learn and grow as you become a stronger, more confident person. Bring a friend and grow together!!

If you’d like to get notified when a workshop becomes available, just send an email to and ask to be put on the Workshop Notification List!

Workshop Details

Parents usually start out with the best intentions, and the greatest dreams and desires for their children. Most new parents do not consider the types of problem behaviors that could come upon them. Sometimes problems can seem like they “came out of no where,” not realizing many problems start out a little bit here and a little bit there until the negative behavior comes too often or too intense to ignore. Whether you are wanting to prevent these intense behaviors, or you’re looking to minimize your frustration, these workshops are designed to bring awareness to some potential struggles and offer tools and skills that can improve behaviors and strengthen relationships. Parents who struggle with managing their own anger, or who want to improve their communication skills will also find workshops on those topics too.

DAYS: All Workshops are on Thursday evenings

TIME: All Workshops are 7:00pm – 8:00pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

The cost of each workshop is $37 per person.


March 11th – Empowering My Words – How to speak so my kids (and Mate) will listen!
June 10th – I AM ENOUGH – Learning to Love ME so I can love my kids MORE!
September 9th – ENDING Homework Wars!

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