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Whether you found me by referral or you were just browsing the website, I’m glad you’re here.

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You schedule a free 15-minute consultation session with me, and then answer a few questions so I can understand your situation.

After our consultation call, if you decide to work with me, we schedule a 50-minute ONLINE/VIRTUAL session, at a time that works for us both.

Prior to your appointment, download and fill out all the paperwork. You can scan your paperwork as a PDF and send it to my email, or you can upload your zipped paperwork at the beginning of your first session.

Once you have a scheduled appointment, you pay in advance before your session on the website via Debt, Credit, or PayPal. If you have an HSA card, you might see if it works before using another card. Kim does not accept any insurance.

You will receive a link after your payment is received. Select the link just before your session is to start. All future counseling sessions will use that same link.

For parents who find themselves here, but are only looking for tools, strategies and coaching, (and not counseling or a diagnosis), please check out our new and exciting Online Parenting Academy! Here you will find many different online courses to help you BE EPIC in your parenting! Additionally, if you are looking for 8HRs of court-ordered parenting classes, you’ll find it here too.

About Kim

I was born and raised in Michigan and I’ve never moved from the Mitten State. I love it here. Michigan is kind of like the cul-de-sac of the country – you don’t usually drive into Michigan unless you have a desire to be here – it’s not a state people typically drive through to get to another state.

I’m married with 4 adult children and several grandchildren. Through marriage, divorce, remarriage, and blended family struggles, life has brought many opportunities to learn and successfully grow as a parent.

I earned my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University and I hold an LPC license in the state of Michigan. I am a Board Certified TeleMental Health Counselor (BC-TMH), which allows me the ability to offer excellent flexibility in online counseling methods in my state. Due to Covid19, I no longer have face-to-face sessions in my office.  I only provide online virtual counseling through secure HIPPA compliant video chat. Clients must live in the state of Michigan.

My focus even in college was strengthening families with a heavy concentration on parenting styles and its effect on childhood behavior. The name of my business actually has a duality in meaning.

While most of my time is spent working with parents who want to be confident and empowered, I also understand the power in parenting with “HOW” we were parented as a child. Our experiences as a child can affect the way we react and respond to the people around us as we grow into adults. 

The dynamics of our early childhood home can have a lasting impression and some of those impressions can be hurtful emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When they are hurtful experiences, they can impact us in every aspect of our lives. Examples might be from trusting relationships, to fear of taking risks, or the desire to be controlling to counteract being over controlled as a child.

So, take a deep breath and know your journey toward healing and overcoming is just about to start! I am able to be objective while building a rapport with my clients as we work together toward a common goal – a better life.


"PARENTING! There’s no manual. But, there is Kim Snyder. Dedication, dependable and committed to offer her expertise with solutions for any age group of child rearing. Always has a listening ear."


"I am much closer to my children as a result of the parenting style I have learned from Kim. You may say that I’m biased because I’m her husband, but I share these words in an effort to help others. Kim has enabled me to be closer to my children than I could ever imagine. Thank you Kim, you are a blessing not only to me and our family but all the families you serve."


"It was a comfort to be able to go to Kim and listen to her perspective on my family’s life. What I took away from our sessions with Kim was not at all what I had originally gone to Kim for. I did not fix the guys in my life, as I do not hold that power."


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