Welcome to the Power in Parenting (PIP). PIP is a not just a lesson, a parenting workshop, webinar, counseling, or phone call, but rather a new way of life and a new way of responding to those around you.

Happy Mother and DaughterKim has many different ways to help families improve their relationships.  Some people enjoy workshops & webinars, concentrating on specific topics, increasing skills in communication, handling challenging behavior, and working toward restoring relationships.  Others like the more private counseling setting to work through specific struggles.

Whether you’re having problems with your child’s behavior, or finding unity in parenting your child with your spouse or partner, or you’re having difficulties co-parenting with your ex, there is something for everyone.

Maybe you have unresolved problems from your past, such as abandonment, abuse, over/under dominating parents, etc., and these issues have left you still trying to figure things out in your adult life.  

Working with Kim may help improve personal development, increase self-worth, decrease anxiety, and restore peace and harmony to your family. The greatest gift you can give yourself, your children, your marriage, or any relationship is “not to delay” in getting tools and strategies to help you become confident and empowered as a parent and partner.

Many people wait until they or their relationships are in crisis mode before coming to counseling, or attending an informational workshop or webinar.  Why wait?  You can take a good relationship and make it great!  Or you can take a relationship with minor struggles and eliminate them before the hurt, pain, and bitterness begin to set in.

For us to be really good at  anything, we usually get help, we take classes, or we have a mentor, or we practice over and over.  Relationships are very similar, and workshops, webinars, and counseling can be the help you need!  Education EMPOWERS you!  Don’t wait to become empowered!  You’ll be glad you did. 

Kim’s Work Includes

  • helping families find that common place of parenting their children
  • helping teens make that transition from child to an independent and responsible adult
  • working through anger and frustration that inhibits positive parenting (both parent and child)

Kim specializes in early parenting, and strategies and parenting techniques for increasing your confidence in parenting.  One of the easiest (and quickest) ways to learn these strategies and to walk away the same day feeling empowered as a parent is through one of the information packed workshops or webinars.  When parents are experiencing challenges, they can feel powerless or ineffective.  Working with parents, Kim guides parents in:

  • establishing or re-establishing their power and confidence as a loving, effective parent.


  •  realizing their amazing role in forming and developing positive character in their children. Kim offers techniques and strategies for parents to regain their parenting power.


  • finding that parental balance that so often creates marital and relationship conflicts. Children sometimes react to the different parenting styles of their parents with manipulation, creating even greater family struggles.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Kim is here to help!

Click here to check out the workshop page to see the current topic. Currently Kim offers counseling services in the following cities and surrounding areas of Michigan: Livonia, Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Westland